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Facebook followers and real estate


Are you worried about staying engaged with your Facebook followers in real estate? Is your Facebook fan engagement experiencing a slow-down? Did you buy facebook followers for your real estate Facebook page? Would you love to generate clicks and earn thousands of Facebook followers from your Facebook audience?

If ‘yes’, below are some of the great tips you need to promote your Facebook page and boost Facebook followers at large.

Don’t Ignore Comments from Your Facebook Followers

Keeping your real estate Facebook followers engaged is a sure way to promote your Realtor Facebook page but if you’re not responding to your fans’ comments, you’re likely to lose the relationship between you and your audience. Advisably, you can spare few of your leisure hours to see what your Facebook followers are saying in response to your posts. And to keep your fans in a lively mood, ensure you respond to their comments even when they are not asking questions. You can just thank them for sharing their thoughts on your post.

Post Interesting and Relevant Real Estate Images

If you post images that will arouse excitement in your Facebook followers, chances are that you could establish a long-standing engagement with them. Times without number, eye-catching images have captured people’s attention because they often trigger personal or emotional inclinations to hire you as a real estate agent. Facebook posts supported with relevant and eye-catching images will better engage you with your Facebook audience. Research shows that the engagement they attract far outweighs what you will get with basic text posts.

Share Trending News and Exciting Topics

It is damn certain that most of your fans follow other businesses and would love to see you share exciting news about the happenings in your industry. You’re certainly not the only one in your industry. So, sharing exciting topics about what’s trending among your competitors could better engage you with your Facebook audience. Not only does this show that you’re helping others in your industry, it also reveals that you’re interested in keeping your Facebook followers abreast with trending news.

You can simply look around for a reliable source and extract news related to your industry from it. Share the news on your Facebook page and encourage your Facebook fans to comment on it.

Boost Your Best Posts

Boosting your best posts is a sure way to keep your Facebook audience engaged. By “best posts”, I mean the posts with huge traffic. Supposing you have a blog that has generated huge traffic, just select a couple of posts from the blog and post them on your Facebook page for boosting.

You only spend few dollars to boost your Facebook post. To track those who like your Facebook page –including the followers of those people –you could boost your Facebook post with $20 or so.…