Facebook Social Media Design In Photoshop

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Facebook Social Media Design In Photoshop
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”e3EJgkIxo2I” title=”Facebook Social Media Design In Photoshop” upload_time=”2015-06-26T07:04:44.000Z” description=”In this video I am going to share with you and demonstrate how you can easily create social media graphics for Facebook in Adobe Photoshop using my free social” duration=”PT13M35S”]
In this video I am going to share with you and demonstrate how you can easily create social media graphics for Facebook in Adobe Photoshop using my free social media kit.




Get the social media design kit from the overview video:

Get the exercise files from the overview video:


01 – Overview video / pack introduction and download

03 – Twitter social media design

04 – Youtube social media design

05 – Google + social media design


Tutorial created and composed by Gareth David of TastyTuts.com
Copyright TastyTuts © All Rights Reserved
Website: tastytuts.com Contact: Tastytuts@me.com



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  1. Quang Khuê says:

    Thanks dude. It’s very useful for me :)

  2. nciuper says:

    Thanks !! This is very useful !! Regards from Argentina

  3. n8hibbert says:

    Are these sizes and layouts still relevant? This video is a year old now
    and I know things can change but this would be really helpful for me to
    have. Just wondering if it will still work a year later.

  4. Samirs Lab says:

    This video helps great ! Respect you sir. And also if you have time please
    also share “Linked in” Template too because now a days its getting popular.
    And if some other social media templates would be more helpful for me. But,
    i must thank you a lot because its really a great tutorial and the kit is

  5. Howard Trott says:

    What about videos Gareth, do they fit into your templates. and words also?

  6. Jeoffrey van Zijp says:

    Are those templates also available for Adobe Illustrator?

  7. Sara Jenner says:


  8. loveandbeautyshock says:

    I have a problem everytime I upload my profile banner, it always looks
    pixelated/horrible/the colors look off and I usually save it on PNG to have
    the best quality. what settings do you recommend? which extension should I
    save my file?

  9. Alan Vieira says:

    Thank you so much x 10000000000000000000

  10. Toni Le Busque says:

    Excellent and so easy to follow.

  11. Polli Kalinina says:

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial, it’s so easy. Only questions are when you
    creating your posts you from the begining use templates, or correct them
    late? How exactly post it on Facebook, after you finish composing? If I
    need to add next time just post for timeline, I need to feel other
    templates too?
    Thanks for answers in advance

  12. Felipe Candia says:

    Thank you so much !

  13. OrphydianLearning says:

    so how come you have a single smart object layer and multiple instances of
    it on the image?

  14. Rafael Mendoza says:

    If you are looking for fast and high quality social media graphics. Please
    take a look only $5!

  15. Abdalkader The Syrian version says:

    Thank you so much but What about the new updates for Facebook look on
    mobile ?

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