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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”hoCwKBz2Hus” title=”FASHION, ART, CHALLENGE – Social Media RED CARPET DRESS 2″ upload_time=”2016-07-15T14:30:02.000Z” description=”FASHION, ART, CHALLENGE – Social Media RED CARPET DRESS 2 ❤ This fashion design art challenge video shows artist Mei Yu drawing and coloring Instagram dress,” duration=”PT17M19S”]
FASHION, ART, CHALLENGE – Social Media RED CARPET DRESS 2 ❤ This fashion design art challenge video shows artist Mei Yu drawing and coloring Instagram dress, Tumblr dress, dress, Pinterest dress, and Vine dress on beautiful, diverse, and trendy women ❤ SUBSCRIBE Draw & COLOR at your own pace with Fun2draw APPs! ✿ Apple: ✿ Android:

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  1. Camryn Crews says:

    I like how the wemon look real and not skinny as a toothpick

  2. Ava Wighus says:

    The Vine one was my favorite😍

  3. Anna4 Life says:

    I loved all of them but the one I like the most is the vine one

  4. Laura Arellano says:

    I love the dress

  5. Lily KAmn says:

    I mostly loved the one! She looked awesome!

  6. Alicia Lee says:

    The Vine person could be named Vonquesia

  7. Alicia Lee says:

    The person could be named Melody

  8. †Madlycute† says:

    the one I liked the most was the vine. It looked fabulous. But it also
    impressed me your Musically model. It was surprising, really. I wasn’t
    expecting it. If I had to vote from zero to ten I’d give you twenty. Great.
    Keep going!!

  9. Yesmine Sanchetti says:

    amo la chica de vine!

  10. Thalia Del Toro says:

    I absolutely love this one!

  11. Cool Wassabian says:

    Can you draw Alex Wassabi

  12. Cool Wassabian says:

    Please draw Alex Wassabi

  13. Neko Akita :P says:

    Your so great at art, how you think everyone is beautiful :3 your a kind
    and caring person :D

  14. Bean Hathaway says:

    80s social media

  15. Chickenauthority Chez says:


  16. Milly Blue says:

    I love how you used different body and face types! Unlike many who will
    just draw the stereotypical slim beautiful girl.

  17. Chiarine Justine says:


  18. Valeria Barbuto says:

    my favorite is the tumblr one, it looks awesome

  19. Nico DiAngelo did nothing wrong Seriously says:

    The vine one is so beautiful!!!!!!

  20. Dark Mage says:

    can we talk about the representation in this?!

  21. Samantha Reagan says:

    Tumblr’s dress was cute, but in all honestly the actual human
    representation of tumblr would go around asking if pigeons had feelings and
    making fandom references at everyone

  22. Ariel_Grey29 says:

    I love the Pinterest one, especially as a curvy red head myself.

  23. Sarah Rasel says:

    Tina tumblr
    Vicky vine
    Priscilla Pinterest
    Melanie musically

    Just some of the names I thought of

  24. Troian isnotonfire says:

    Could you draw some of the the Pretty Little Liars characters

  25. Eniya Ewell says:

    I love

  26. Asterline Productions says:

    I ❤️❤️❤️ the vine one

  27. Eniya Ewell says:

    gave you the link

  28. Alexia1121 says:

    I love the musically one 💙💙💙😋😋😋

  29. Emma Jemley says:

    Ooooh, you should have made one of your Instagram girls taking a selfie!

  30. KCocoa says:

    +Fun2Draw I love to draw but I’m not very good…. I wish I was as good as
    you are! That just means you are an amazing person and you are beautiful in
    every way and you are perfect and you are amazing at drawing!

  31. Lokahi Wong says:


  32. Lokahi Wong says:


  33. Abby Ramirez says:

    i noticed that none of the models were glasses I thought you said that you
    wanted to show that beauty can be in different shapes and sizes😔😡8-(

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