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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”0zMmNgEzJog” title=”FASHION, ART, CHALLENGE – Social Media RED CARPET DRESS” upload_time=”2016-07-08T14:30:01.000Z” description=”FASHION, ART, CHALLENGE – Social Media RED CARPET DRESS ❤ This fashion art challenge video shows artist Mei Yu drawing and coloring YouTube dress, Facebook” duration=”PT16M56S”]
FASHION, ART, CHALLENGE – Social Media RED CARPET DRESS ❤ This fashion art challenge video shows artist Mei Yu drawing and coloring YouTube dress, Facebook dress, Twitter dress, Instagram dress, and Snapchat dress on beautiful, diverse, and trendy women ❤ SUBSCRIBE Draw & COLOR at your own pace with Fun2draw APPs! ✿ Apple: ✿ Android:

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  1. Jazi Nova says:

    I don’t see anyone complaining about BET or that black people only award
    ceremony. Seriously, you can have a skin preference and not be racist.

  2. Cassandra Christopher says:


  3. 666 Satan says:

    I hope you like the names and I love your videos (btw my channel was hacked
    so don’t worry about my name I have to change it in a month or two)

  4. BadKitty AJ says:

    I just noticed she has a MILLION subs!!! Congrats :3

  5. Ÿøùñg Prōdįgÿ says:

    Thank you Instagram for changing your logo 😂

  6. Lisa Jawahar says:

    i was going crazy trying to find out what the third dress was

  7. Strongking 710 says:

    instagram was the best drawing

  8. Bandi Rain says:

    Do you ever make mistakes? I’d like to see a blooper video :)

  9. Maja Janusz says:

    To everyone complaining she didn’t use anyone of a different race in her
    video, she technically did because shes Asian

  10. Rachel FabueSos says:

    Amazing drawing, you inspired me to draw, Happy one million!!!

  11. Lizzie Adams says:

    I like the instagram dress. the colors that are used is very pretty and
    goes well together. I’d 💖 to draw and color like you!

  12. KitKatFilms says:

    i like the youtube one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Madalyn Myers says:

    I love the Twitter dress the most, but how you hid the ghost icon in the
    dress was amazing!💜💜💜💜

  14. Beth KAWAII says:

    Where are you from

  15. Crazy Cupcakes says:


  16. pancakeme4 says:

    how do make the highlights (the white stuff) ?

  17. Jojoto Pep Lol Yech says:

    i love the instagram dress

  18. Gabriela Wendy says:

    This is so pleasing to watch. You are so incredibly talented! My favorite
    design is definitely Snapchat. <3

  19. Kristyle_ Love says:

    Love all
    Of it

  20. PrincessElina says:

    Omg I guessed right on snap chat yaaay!

  21. Caleigh Miles says:

    ohhh you could draw emojis as ppl!

  22. Science Cat says:

    Mei Yu-If Dali is the best artist in the world, you aren’t from this world!

  23. Jocelyn Victoria says:

    What do you do with all your finished drawings?

  24. XxCarolinexX Is awesome says:

    mine is the facebook

  25. The Gay Pineapple says:

    My favorite is either YouTube or Snapchat. Ahhh, it’s hard to choose just

  26. Lupita Calderón says:

    i loved all of the dresses they were all so pretty

  27. Meagan Benton says:

    You forgot Wattpad 😭

  28. :D Barbi says:

    My favorite was the instagramm girl! Viber dress?

  29. panda 4ever says:

    I absolutely love the instagram dress and all the colors 😍

  30. Margo Sollazzo says:

    social media as casual outfits??

  31. Anna Donker says:

    i looooove your videos could you do more videos on dress designing please

  32. Raven The Hawk says:

    Hey! I have an idea! You should do a livestream one day! We could give you
    suggestions on what to draw and you could draw it!

  33. alex mallis says:

    I love the creativity and style of all the dresses!! 😄 it was amazing!

  34. Violet Mills says:

    I would totally wear this!

  35. Violet Mills says:


  36. Kuurama Athena Chalifoux says:

    Twitter and Instagram are my favourite. Great job!!

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