How To Design A Killer Home Page (advanced Web Design)

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How To Design A Killer Home Page (advanced Web Design)
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”t14MwuWH_ts” title=”How To Design A Killer Home Page (advanced Web Design)” upload_time=”2013-09-11T17:44:47.000Z” description=”Download all my best web design wireframes at Call or click Videospot today for a website design evaluation or a quote on working with us as your design team.” duration=”PT9M53S”]
Download all my best web design wireframes at Call or click Videospot today for a website design evaluation or a quote on working with us as your design team. We are happy to review your assets and see if we can improve them.


In this video, I’ll look at some simple techniques for home page design. In this video, the main points that I cover include:

Table of Contents
Engagement Media
Content Silos
Connects to your main offer
Defines your role
No Flash (media or programming)

In web design, the home page design should function as your gateway to the rest of your offers and content and should therefore operate as a funnel to your company. The home page design should 1 of 5 major page designs including:

Home page design
Silo page design
Sub-silo page design
Landing Page Design
Contact page Design

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  1. Carl Harrison says:

    I came for advanced web design. I got a marketing lecture.

  2. Nam Bùi Đức says:

    Me newbie, got some distraction from tone of new things in this wen design
    I gotta write some words, you know.
    I love this video so much. Easy understanding, well prepared.
    I got enough time to write down the whole step you mentioned. Right, i
    never think flash like “boom boom boom, even brighter than the moon (katty
    perry fan)” is best for my web portfolio.
    So, thank you for this lesson, sensei.
    Gotta subcribe right now. See yah.

  3. Pete Richard says:

    Killer video! Thanks.

  4. Valter Faedda says:

    why I can’t download your website blueprint swipe file after registration?

  5. TheWatcher _ says:

    but I don’t want my home page to kill anyone!


  6. Blue Moon says:


  7. tio Sosa says:

    Great video and content. Cleared a few things up for me.Keep dropping them
    bombs man!!

  8. Sam Eric Davis says:

    your link is a virus. Both of them

  9. Joey Gaas says:

    Hi sir Owen.
    I would like to say thank you for this video it helps me a lot. :)

  10. Mohammed Tharik says:

    +videospot iz very use full for me .and im so interest to learn web
    desinging .thnkz a lot .

  11. salamista says:

    why is your shirt several sizes bigger then you?

  12. King Ifrit says:

    I think that the idea that websites need to be designed around the idea of
    different “pages” is dying. You don’t *need* multiple pages in every
    situation. In many a singe page is the best design. (This is why SPA’s are
    becoming more and more popular). But to start off designing a website by
    saying “okay I need multiple pages” already limits your design. Form should
    always follow function; not the other way around.

    1st figure out what the purpose of the website is
    then lay it out an design it.

  13. Lorelei Cohen says:

    Love your ideas. Lately I am seeing so many full page pop up ads flashing
    onto front pages it is chasing me off sites as quickly as the page opens.
    Seems things are stepping backwards rather than forward in web design as of

  14. Tommy Chappell says:

    Hi i’m trying to remember what the website structure was, I remember it was
    firstly of course banner, news event, I think it was ‘what’s on’ and then
    something else.

    I remember there was 3 things that a website consists of.

  15. code 1000123 says:

    This is exactly what i needed, thanks!

  16. Dreighen says:

    3:25 that color palette though… =/

  17. Abuhasan Aaqil says:

    make facebook cover its importent for you

  18. Stose Anko says:

    Which is best web designing software?

  19. Leo, el jugador says:

    Owen thanks for the great info!!

  20. Joanna Recine says:

    would you be selling templates please?

  21. Elizabeth Michael says:

    I am trying to build a website for kids’ sports and I don’t want to do
    basic stuff like everybody else. Should I focus on a lot of colour? would
    appreciate a response.

  22. Brian J Anderson says:

    I’m looking forward to this!

  23. Napoleon Phillips says:

    Thanks for the video.

  24. himal malla says:

    nice tutorial…………………….

  25. Logoitech says:

    Good Tips!

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