Is Digital/Social Media A Good Major?

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Is Digital/Social Media A Good Major?
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”ALu6GmY9jII” title=”Is Digital/Social Media A Good Major?” upload_time=”2015-07-27T16:58:10.000Z” description=”Is Social Media Manager s good job? How much do social & digital media professionals get paid? Is Social & Digital Media a growing industry? EXPAND FOR SUPPORTING” duration=”PT15M44S”]
Is Social Media Manager s good job? How much do social & digital media professionals get paid? Is Social & Digital Media a growing industry?

Infograph on pay range & scale for Social Media:

(This chart is 3 years old, so scale it up a bit in your head).

Social Media Consistently ranks high on Mashable

National Avg. according to payscale

Average Salary of Los Angeles Social Media Manager:

I do Social Media for

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  1. whateverman says:

    Now I have a question that I was expecting to get answer in this video…
    In what way (if any) you think Advertising students or graduates fit in
    this new industry????????

  2. Fatma Yousef says:

    what are the websites and courses that you learned from, or what are your
    techniques . I am passionate about social and digital media but i don’t
    feel like they need to be studied as a major but gained as a skill .help, i
    need an instant answer .

  3. George Brandon says:

    Hey there! Just interested in where you get your social media growth
    techniques from? I’m not sure where to find this stuff besides checking out
    Gary Vaynerchuk’s work. I appreciate your channel a lot!

  4. Zoch Buppet says:

    You can’t do a major in Social media. Its would be just a tiny part of
    communications or marketing diploma or degree.

    You can do short certificates from community colleges.

    Digital media is just a catch all name for the old COMMUNICATIONS area
    Film/Radio-TV/multimedia websites etc.
    So the diploma/degree would be communication/ mass communication,
    communication studies etc. obviously its an ARTS area.

    All these areas used to be totally distinct until high speed internet and
    instant video,. All these areas collapsed and melded and folded into each
    other and is now called “digital media” and you have everyone any anyone
    working in it.

    Social media is part of marketing.

    Good luck in the COMMUNICATIONS area as its highly volatile and
    competitive. What you dont know going in is that you will be competing with
    every Tom Dick and Mary, and mary cat’s if it can press a start and stop
    button on recording devise, and anyone who can write a decent sentence.

    Who you will be competing with for jobs:
    People who study in:
    Film area, Radio is dead so TV (or whats left of it), Theatre, Advertising,
    Journalism, Marketing (now)
    Any Art School people – (fine arts, graphic design, etc. web design) ,
    English majors and regular Arts people like sociology, history etc.

    get into marketing instead if you are interested in a communications area.
    Or go into communication and make sure you have heavy duty computer skills
    and classes in Analytics.
    Its an unforgiving area unless you already have connections.

  5. Dennis Jex says:

    so what you need for this career. i see ads want marketing, communications
    or pr degree.

    i donèt want to do a second degree.

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