Marketing And Social Media Tips For Designers Pt. 3/3

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Marketing And Social Media Tips For Designers Pt. 3/3
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”oOez6KmcQJ8″ title=”Marketing And Social Media Tips For Designers Pt. 3/3″ upload_time=”2016-09-05T14:43:59.000Z” description=”How do I find the balance between marketing and producing work as a graphic designer? Are there any tips on what I need to do to market my services? How to” duration=”PT26M33S”]
How do I find the balance between marketing and producing work as a graphic designer? Are there any tips on what I need to do to market my services? How to gain a competitive advantage as a graphic designer. Should you specialize in design? What does it take to be a design entrepreneur?

1:08 What were some of my regrets? Rachel asks the hard question.
2:00 Why are people poor? POOR- passing on opportunity repeatedly
2:30 Jim Rohn, business guru and author– 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness, stop making excuses.

3:45 Paul asks, how do you find the balance between making and promoting? #Grind vs. #Hustle
4:40 The game has changed. Designers need to promote themselves now. Your work doesn’t get you work. The web had changed the game and it’s become increasingly difficult to cut through the clutter
6:00 The maker mindset, the pressure to constantly produce.
6:40 What can a sole proprietor do to promote his/her business?
7:30 Are you really an entrepreneur? #DrEvil
8:24 Prioritize and understand what makes you different. Focus on that. What can only you do in your organization?
9:30 What can you do to combat global market forces— the commoditization of design?
10:30 The future for designers is entrepreneurship & authorship.
11:02 You can’t fight market forces for long. Good enough revolution. Here’s the Wired Magazine article:

12:00 Exploit the “Gap” that exists between needs and solutions
13:00 Solutions for “artists”/designers that just want to make. How can you participate in the 21st century economy? Unfair competitive advantage.
21:00 Maria asks, “Should you specialize?” The “T-Skill” Be really good at one thing and shallow on the other things. Most other professions specialize, Rachel argues
22:23 Prepare to pivot when the market shifts or you’ll be left out in the cold. Art directors are looking for you to be really good at one thing. Design changes quickly.
23:26 Externally you should specialize, internally should diversify.

The designers dilemma pt.3— should I eat and do soul sucking work or starve and be happy? Is there a middle ground? Graphic design career advice for those running a design studio or managing a freelance design career. This and more.

Design and typography Masters and educators, Rachel Elnar and Michael Stinson of swing by he studio for a lively discussion during a live taping of the Process.

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  1. Aizat Selamat says:

    Love the content you are producing so far! They’re all so useful to me 👍🏼

  2. evilMonkey says:

    Finaly the third part is here… Yaaaaaaaay 😉 thanks guys :)Really
    helpfull :D

  3. Thelonious McCoy says:

    Another great conversation. Continually shocked at the quality of The
    Skool’s content.

    You know what I’d love to see a video on? How to get stuff done.
    I know a lot of artists and designers struggle with this.
    Procrastination, distractions, too many projects or plain ol life getting
    in the way of putting in work.

    I know Chris Do is a Design God but he’s also still human so I assume he’s
    dealt with all of the above and would love to hear how him and others deal
    with it.

  4. Cinematography Database says:

    Oh damn, you killed em with this one! Canary in the coal mine. KILLING EM!

  5. mercurywaters says:

    love the content, but why does this 3 part series have three different
    titles? Why not: “Title; Subtitle; Part #” Just to help viewers follow

  6. Riley Jones says:

    This series is substantial meat! I can’t describe how relevant these topics
    are in the midst of my design career. Very well appreciated for the time
    and effort put into this. Always looking forward for more.

  7. Logoitech says:

    Good Tips!

  8. Jasveer Sidhu says:

    I feel that my ArtCenter degree is becoming increasingly worthless…
    #ComeBackChris #WeNeedYou

  9. Ximon Whhatt says:

    this is amazing

  10. Mariya Danawala says:

    Awesome stuff! Thanks for putting everything out there in such simple words
    with the most relatable examples. :D

  11. Laith Wallace says:

    Thanks for this video Chris. Great stuff. Also I love your point about deep
    diving into something your learning and then moving on.

    Here is a great video to show us that we don’t even need to spend long to
    learn it. How to learn anything in 21 hours – Jeff K

  12. Blunew Studios Support says:

    Documenting vs Create.. Gary Vee talks the same thing!

  13. Butler Branding says:

    “Be careful hanging around me, because your ideas will be mine tomorrow.”
    I’m stealing this. 😉

  14. pixelasm says:

    I too strongly belief in T-Skill as well, also because you need something
    to tell in an elevator pitch like situation, something that sticks, ideally
    your main skill.

    The wide part of the T is also needed because I haven´t come across a job
    which did not require some sort of teamwork and therefore its always
    helpfull to know some basics about the stuff the other members of the team
    are doing.

    Last but not least our industry changes fast and a certain skill higly
    sought after today might be obsolete tomorrow, so its good thing to have
    some other knowledge fields you can migrate to. For me that was / is Flash
    -> After Effects -> Cinema 4D

  15. Joe Medina says:

    Thank you for this amazing three part series. All three parts were full of
    great relatable content. You guys ROCK!

  16. Alex Bass says:

    I thought I was going to get some sleep at a reasonable hour tonight.
    Managed to just build up the 3 parts in my “watch later” list and binged
    it. Loved this series. I am going to try and promote myself more on social
    media with your tips Chris, thanks for the budge and tips/insight into your
    process! I’m definitely more of an audio/video person. Have had a weekly
    tech podcast (small hobby/passion project) for just over 2 years now but it
    really doesn’t further my business in any way, it’s a hobby. I really want
    to do more audio/video relating more to my company’s services though (IT
    consulting/software integration/small business automation & efficiency).
    It’s my largest passion. Gotta try and figure out which medium to focus on
    and maybe a co-host. Need someone who compliments me though. For the time
    being I’ll probably just hop on something like Anchor and have random
    thoughts through that medium.

  17. rohan kolakkar says:

    Really helpful and informative. Keep uploading more about design business
    and client relationship in design.

  18. Jonathan Perucho says:

    This series has been the most influential and eye opening video I’ve
    watched from your channel.

    The grind vs the hustle explanation had the most impact for me. I’ve had a
    discussion recently with designers about selling work outright and most
    companies respond by saying, your price was “too high” and they could get a
    better deal elsewhere — which reflects how badly our market is perceived in
    terms of value.

    Chris and The Skool Network, the discussions, insights and value you bring
    to us, seriously are levels above!

  19. thuso Motseokae says:

    oh yes i love this

  20. Christy Blackburn says:

    Yay… keep it coming.

  21. Stephen Lee says:

    Many industries are imploding or I like the word disrupted or being
    disrupted by the fact that we are linked “Global Society” in terms of
    finding “makers”. Chris you were one of the first people I heard say that
    design or the job of designing would become more service oriented. That was
    like two years ago, and at that time I was considering just design. I
    didn’t chose it because I thought you could be right but at first I was
    like “Chris, you are tripping” not anymore. I found that I liked the
    building aspect (code..etc) of Web Design but even this industry is going
    automated (ie. Webflow, Muse) so I had to specialize in something that
    would allow me to showcase my value either to a prospective employer or
    client. While I think design is still a big deal, I think all too often we
    forget that in the end it’s a “Subjective” topic. My saving grace is that I
    learned sales and I learned to become a better communicator by having to
    sell. Listening more than speaking allows you to find an opportunity or
    even figure out quickly if the pain the prospective client has is something
    you have a solution for or want to deal with. Not all clients should BE
    your client.

  22. Jose Caballer says:

    There should be no separation between “Doing the work that gets you the
    work” and “talking about the work that gets you work” – you can intertwine
    the experiences and progressively share what you are doing as you do it.

    In the old paradigm the reason why clients asked you not to reveal what you
    were doing for them was because that was a competitive advantage. Meaning
    the “surprise effect.”

    But unless you are apple and you know people will start copying you if you
    reveal before you release – it really doesn’t matter much. The truth is
    that small businesses would benefit from showing the process of creating
    with their design partners. In itself sharing the process publicly would be
    a great way to show the spirit of their business. Unfortunately this first
    requires open, fearless collaborators who are living in a spirit of joy and
    abundance – not the usual fear and freaking out about their business that
    triggers some to seek out the services of a design agency.

    So in summary – I am advocating for 100% transparency and authenticity from
    brands (including design service providers) – it’s happening already. And
    it works. Look at Gary Vaynerchuck – Look at Chris Do – these are leaders
    who are taking the step to produce authentic conversations. Go ye therefore
    and be transparent.

  23. Munirah Graham says:

    I love this video and you touched on a lot of points my mentors couldn’t

  24. Sheob 多形体 says:

    Hey but how do I start my own corporation? lol

  25. Syed _ says:

    Amazing stuff!! I loved how Chris Do quotes Jim Rohn… anyone reading this
    comment should definitely check him out on youtube. Your eyes will open to
    a whole new you…trust me, it’ll change your shhhlife….

  26. Eugene GeDeGeN says:

    at 18:12 ; slurpy sound, superfunny!
    ps. great job with the skool network. Appreciate it!

  27. pigzareepic says:

    Awesome work with These videos! Especially this one, I noted lots of
    helpful Information and feel grateful and empowered to have access to this
    kind of information by the age of only 17.
    If I could give you one tip to build a greater audience, it would be to cut
    videos short and sum up the most important information, as long videos tend
    to scare viewers off

  28. Laetis .lyse says:

    i was looking for that kind of channel for a long time clear and precise.
    the content is awesome. but please … where is part 1 n 2. all over great
    job guys

  29. Brenda White says:

    Best Video

  30. Joana Vieira says:

    I never though about posting online and public all the information that I
    normally keep for myself offline… I’m constantly reading and keeping gold
    nuggets that I find on the internet. Is really dumb on my part not to take
    advantage of this! I need to take care of it… Thanks for this smart tip
    Chris! And by the way, really loved this series

  31. Christos Ellinas says:

    ”You wake up and look in the mirror, do you see an entrepreneur or
    somebody who wants to have job.”
    -Chris Do


  32. Andy .D says:

    You got a new sub!

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