Social Media Design | FREE Digital Media Pack For Photoshop

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Social Media Design | FREE Digital Media Pack For Photoshop
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”TJMSIGhjZX4″ title=”Social Media Design | FREE Digital Media Pack For Photoshop” upload_time=”2015-06-19T08:22:25.000Z” description=”Welcome to this social media design course. I have developed this course to share with you some of the things I have learnt and the techniques I use to create” duration=”PT5M11S”]
Welcome to this social media design course. I have developed this course to share with you some of the things I have learnt and the techniques I use to create my social media.

Now you will find this course useful if you manage a youtube channel, a Facebook page, a Twitter account or a google plus page.




Social media design kit

Exercise files:


02 – Facebook social media design

03 – Twitter social media design

04 – Youtube social media design

05 – Google + social media design


Tutorial created and composed by Gareth David of
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  1. Arthur Piovam says:

    Amazing work dude 😀

    Thanks for the freebie and for all tutorials videos ;D

  2. Sallory says:

    Thank you SIR!

  3. Andres Guzman says:

    Very much appreciated, thanks!

  4. Alpha Deejay says:

    Thank you!

  5. Maurio Farmer says:

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  6. Iván E. García says:

    You have no idea of how useful this is!

  7. Boss of Smiles says:


  8. Kevin Castillo says:

    I really appreciate the time you take to help us out!! You’re Awesome.
    Thanks Man!!

  9. Colin O'Shea says:

    Maybe you could do a design pack for ad posts only! Frequently as a
    professional I make mock-up posts that for social media which they usually
    include the whole post as a user would see it. Either way I love your work,
    and use your tips for my own thank you!

  10. Mehluli Mchunu says:

    Hi Gareth, your videos are wonderful & very helpful to me.Thank you! Iam
    trying to download the social media design kit but it seem to be a problem
    with the link to your mediafire account. May you have a look at that issue
    for me so i can download design kit.

  11. Alesha says:

    thank youuu !! Thanks for taking the time to do this ! thank you for
    sharing this ! Really !! You are amazing, David !!

  12. Francis Hew says:

    Thanks for sharing! Appreciate it!

  13. Larry Sparks says:

    Much love from South Africa!! keep it up buddy!! :-)

  14. Carolina Cuartas says:

    Thank you!

  15. Simon Quinn says:

    I love your videos and as soon as my business is profitable I’m going to
    send you a donation as a token of my appreciation for all the time and
    effort you’ve put in to help us all.

  16. Howard Trott says:

    Gareth Evans…you are a stand up guy and I know that if I was your friend
    personally, I know I would bug you to death about these programs. I find
    your tuts very good. Thanks for everything you do.

  17. Tariq M. says:

    Thanks a lot for your awesome videos. I was wondering if it’s PERMITTED to
    use these templates in my work as I desinger, I mean I don’t have social
    media pages to manage but I design FB covers and get paid, or could I
    purchase those templates so I can use them? …. please reply, thanks

  18. Myk Murashko says:

    when I try to open the psd files it tells me its not a valid psd document

  19. ROMBAR says:

    Thank You! You fine! My bad English…

  20. Smart Cow says:

    I am not sure why all this is even available for free….You have a
    gigantic fucking big heart man!

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