Social Media Graphic Design Tutorial Adobe Illustrator / Indesign

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Social Media Graphic Design Tutorial Adobe Illustrator / Indesign
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”dFAc_FRTzLA” title=”Social Media Graphic Design Tutorial Adobe Illustrator / Indesign” upload_time=”2013-10-07T01:24:04.000Z” description=”Social Media Graphic Design Tutorial Adobe Illustrator / Indesign Download File Here Get 50% OFF my exclusive course – Logo Design Bootcamp – Limited Time” duration=”PT40M41S”]
Social Media Graphic Design Tutorial Adobe Illustrator / Indesign

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Get 50% OFF my exclusive course – Logo Design Bootcamp – Limited Time

Welcome to episode 8 of Layout Design Bootcamp where my goal is to take you through entire design layouts to show you the exact process of how it’s done. In this eighth episode, I continued to implement the brand of “Hot Shots Hockey” that I developed in Logo Design Bootcamp Episode number 8. I decided to show you how to fully design a set of social media graphics including, the Facebook profile shot and cover photo, the Twitter profile shot and header background and the Google Plus profile image and background cover. This tutorial will teach you so many things including:

• Setting up multiple pages
• Changing units of measure
• Photoshop content aware
• Photoshop Lighting effects
• Clipping masks
• Transparencies on images
• X & Y axis positioning
• Adding an outer glow
• Saving pages for web
• Positioning social designs
and of course…..much more!

The goal here is to help you understand all the different ways that things can be designed. To help yourself and every other artist out there, I want everyone who is recreating this layout, to make a version of your own. You can choose your own size and type of layout (web or print) and make it your own. I then want you to email it to me at or tag it on my Facebook page. I will then be making videos with your submitted artwork showing viewers all the ways that the same idea can be done.

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  1. says:

    Great tutorial man! I have prebuilt psd templates for each social network,
    but I never thought of setting up my templates all together as one single
    document (in AI or ID)… Not only does this method make it easier to
    create one from the other, but it also consolidates them neatly as one
    file. Thanks for sharing this, you’ve changed my work flow!!!! One thing I
    would recommend is to save a blank document as a template, this way you
    don’t have to plug in the page sizes/layers each time! 

  2. Nick Galanti says:

    I appreciate all the help! I have learned a lot from watching your

  3. Danny Wrm says:

    Thank you so much Stephen, i just watched your tutorial, and within a day a
    client asked for twitter and Facebook profile pic, and headers.You are
    great, keep doing tutorials ! Good luck ! 

  4. KIng Ramoun says:

    You are the best.

  5. LeTroPak GaMinG says:

    the best tutorial

  6. Stephen Looney says:

    Thank you Dan and yes it is all about organization and efficiency. 

  7. Stephen Looney says:

    Good stuff Nick, appreciate the feedback. I hope you do something great
    with this.

  8. Stephen Looney says:

    Wooo hoooo oooooo (errie background music) lol, perfect timing. Everything
    happens for a reason. Glad this got to you in time dan!!

  9. Stephen Looney says:

    Yes, but you are the King

  10. Stephen Looney says:

    I’m glad to communicate it to you in an easy way. Thanks for commenting.

  11. Stephen Looney says:

    Thanks Broooo!

  12. niv mah says:

    i fine sir, really love ur tutorials it help me lot. I have been following
    u from begining of logo design ur like graphic design teacher for me.
    wating for more and more stuffs 

  13. Lorena Perez says:

    Steve, why dont you just do all of these in photoshop? wouldnt it be faster
    and produce lighter files?

  14. Stephen Looney says:

    Thanks a lot…..Sit tight!

  15. Stephen Looney says:

    Once you start designing layout in Illustrator and InDesign you will never
    ever ever go back to PS. Because of it’s vector nature you can produce
    really quick results with typography and shapes. I’m not sure about the
    file size part you mention.

  16. Templates at Just Simply says:

    Great presentation. This is really helpful. 

  17. gina preciado says:

    Hi, I am sorry to bother you guys. I am trying to do a brochure for my
    class and my professor wants me to do this “Baseline alignment – Text (and
    images) need to be aligned both on the Y axis and on the X axis. The X axis
    is a baseline alignment. ” Please help

  18. Philippines Web Outsourcing says:

    Social media graphic design is very effective when creating social media
    propaganda. It’s very resourceful and let’s you work your creativity.

  19. Evaldas Kal says:

    hey man, these are very very helpful series, however if u will continue it
    I’d suggest fixing audio a bit. It’s very good, loud and clear when u are
    presenting your episode but it’s getting quiet during video itself, just my
    two cents ;). Keep up

  20. Lonewolf777able says:

    Hi Stephen can you direct me to the very first episode? That would be

  21. Rafael Mendoza says:

    Dont spend time learning design! For onyl $5 get high quality social media
    Spend more time on your social media not design! I design high quality
    social media graphic art for only $5!
    Check my gig out

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