Social Media, Why Linkedin, Twitter & Instagram Matter To Designers

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Social Media, Why Linkedin, Twitter & Instagram Matter To Designers
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”KadIcPiw9lU” title=”Social Media, Why Linkedin, Twitter & Instagram Matter To Designers” upload_time=”2014-09-17T02:58:48.000Z” description=”‘Don’t drink & Tweet…’ – Jose Caballer ‘I stay up late at night crying when no one watches our show…’ – Chris Do Post something on Instagram about the” duration=”PT27M13S”]
“Don’t drink & Tweet…” – Jose Caballer

“I stay up late at night crying when no one watches our show…” – Chris Do

Post something on Instagram about the show and use the Hashtag #SkoolLIVE (So that Chris doesn’t cry at night. )

Chris and Jose talk about social media for designers. Why designers should be on Social Media and how to use it. They discuss best practices for designers, do’s and dont’s and what to do when no one is watching.

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  1. nvm nvm says:

    I remember when Jose tweeted about this and I wanted to participate but had
    no idea were to find it please next time share a link or something so I can
    take part please and thank you 😊. Really appreciate what you guys are
    doing 👍

  2. Paul Dimalanta says:

    Thanks Chris and Jose it’s nice to hear what other people are thinking
    about when it comes to the wild-west of social media. Jose, stick to your

  3. robbie bolick says:

    Thanks for the excellent show!!
    I was pretty resistant to social media until a few months ago.
    Now get about 10x as many views on behance vs my design site.

  4. 360 Brand Lift says:

    Hi guys! Send us all a tweet or something before a live show so we can
    tune-in in real-time.

    Staying on topic, I’m utilizing Twitter to establish myself as an authority
    on a certain area of business and within a certain audience segment.
    Echoing Chris, every channel has it’s own audience, makes sense that
    content should be tailored accordingly. Mixing it up (personal + biz) can
    be good too, it adds humanity to our own brand. Jose, you rock. I could
    have been viewer #2, tweet me when you’re making the live shows. You guys
    keep it up.

  5. Stephen Lee says:

    I was probably working when this was announced. I use quite a few social
    networks and each of them I use differently. With the launch of my very own
    practice, I will be using them differently. I guess if I were here live I
    would ask 1 persona or split the business and the personal ? My thought is
    some networks don’t work well in business. I’m with you Chris D…UGC ? PBR
    ? lol

  6. Ferdaus Amzah says:

    Thanks for putting this out here, guys. Question: How much of our time do
    you think we should invest into creating content for social media? 

  7. Marie Brun says:

    Great talk! Spliting business and personal is really complicated in our
    job, because we “sell ourselves” or at least our passion, our commitment,
    our personality. I’ve also noticed that sometimes you could get more feed
    back as a person than as a brand, probably because people know who is
    behind the screen.

  8. Thiago de Bastos says:

    +Bianca Assenheimer Check this out on your way home!

  9. Iliana Guzman says:

    Hello there Jose & Chris, fellow designer over here. A Canadian friend of
    mine (Jeff G) introduced me to the Skool and I’ve been watching your videos
    for the past two months, today it was the turn of this “old – one” uploaded
    it back in 2014. Wanted to let you know you have another viewer, so, hope
    Chris would have a reason not to cry tonight.
    Great work. Following you over twitter.

  10. Devin Pabingwit says:

    Hey Chris! I like when Jose goes off on tangents.

  11. Aden Seeley says:

    What day and time do you do your shows?

  12. audrey ang says:

    loving your show! a fan from singapore

  13. Andrew F. says:

    Love your show, and love from a sunny south-eastern state.

  14. ‫محمد احمد قنيوي‬‎ says:

    you are awesome guys

  15. BALTSAR says:

    What happens if I die and my work gets valued more and my family gets that
    share but ouch…I posted all my graphic stuff on Instagram. They own it!

  16. Andrew F. says:

    In my internship, I would love to learn so much and breeding proficient in
    the design field to the best of my ability, and understand that I will make
    mistakes, and learn from them, and fail forward, also, think big, but start
    small. I would eventually love to become the “Dave Ramsey” of the design
    field, and meet John C. Maxwell, as well as Joyce Meyer. finally, I would
    love to design things that are pure, and encouraging.

  17. aditya golechha says:

    Yo guys! Stop fighting!

  18. Mustafa Ghuneim says:

    hi guys, my current work is social media based. I mainly design Facebook
    ads and content for businesses. do you have any advice on how to perform
    better with community from graphic design/copywriting perspective

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