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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”zXqs6X0lzKI” title=”WATCH THIS IF YOU WANT TO BECOME A WEB DEVELOPER! – Web Development Career Advice” upload_time=”2014-02-12T22:30:01.000Z” description=”What I wish I knew starting out! LOTS OF LINKS, including up to 3 months free video lessons on this blog post: Videos mentioned here: HTML 101: CSS 101:” duration=”PT20M24S”]
What I wish I knew starting out! LOTS OF LINKS, including up to 3 months free video lessons on this blog post:

Videos mentioned here:
HTML 101:
CSS 101:
Javascript 101:
Basic Terminal:
SSH Tutorial:
Github 101:
Bootstrap 101:

When I was starting out in my web development career, I so wish that someone would have pulled me aside for 30minutes and given me a web development lecture with this advice and information. If you want to be a web developer, then this course will give you career advice that will shortcut you to learning the things you need to learn to get a job in the industry. Do you know if you want to be a frontend developer or a backend developer? You need to know.

This video will tell you what you have to learn to become a web developer that employers are desperate to hire. It will show you what paths to take, and what kind of job descriptions are out there that employers are trying to fill.


  1. Bishal Gurung says:

    heartly thank you for your service…………….

  2. random nigga san says:

    I am 16 years old I want to start early in web developer

  3. Elias Suarez says:

    Hope I got hired one of these days.. I got what it takes

  4. ahmed hani says:

    high five man , this is awesome

  5. david smith says:

    Excellent video and advice, wouldnt learning MS Office or similar along
    with Photoshop or similiar also help with front end employment
    prospects?.My bottom line is to be able to create an “e_commerce
    website”Sounds like Java Script is next for me.
    Thanx for posting.

  6. DemonRex says:

    CSS with nothing else

  7. Branimir Štebih says:

    Hey! If i start web development… Can i be front AND back end developer…
    Because i love both of these… Your vids are cool! And can you please make
    another but detailed JS vid?

  8. Vincent Vuong says:

    wait so I can just only learn front end to become a web developer?

  9. mercy gayo says:

    Good day sir ,please help me ,what is the tools to become a web developer?
    i have gaming pc and i use this also for web developer or web designer ,may
    i know the tools or other steps? thank you sir.

  10. ROSE BARTRAM says:

    Plz tell me what software you used to display this. Thx in advance!!!

  11. ak 1chand says:


    thank you so much for sharing. Please keep making videos like these, truly
    helps a lot. I’m a college student, and really love web development. But i
    can’t manage school life with web development. I want to get a job as web
    development, but my parent’s are persuading me to finish college then apply
    for web development. I’m actually majoring in computer science. I think
    getting a degree in computer science in order to get a job as web developer
    is insane. I feel like i should drop out of college, and just focus on web
    development, so i get job as a web developer as soon as possible. I’m 21
    now, and i don’t want to finish school then starting learn web development
    because companies’ require portfolio and experience. it be great if could
    help me out please. And again, thank you so much for the video. take care
    and be safe.

  12. cloned81 says:

    Fast forward, fast forward….

  13. Moses Marquez says:

    you’re the best

  14. Thejaswini Pathi says:

    Sir, where does servlet, applets, web logic, tomcat come into picture?

  15. Ginger Island says:


  16. Christopher E Jonathan says:

    Hi great video! very informative. does all this still apply in 2016? I
    learned Java in the future but I think my future lays in Web development.
    I’m thinking about becoming a front end developer but of course I’m sure
    I’d like to know a bit about back end development as well. Can any one tell
    me the things I need to learn in an order and how much of it I should
    learn. Thanks.

  17. Dalen Romelien says:

    Well then… I have alot of learning to do! what would you suggest if I was
    comfortable with HTML and CSS and wanted to build sites to sell to other I
    should learn JavaScript and JQuery right? and do I need to know back end

  18. Jessie Cazares says:

    Pretty sure I want to learn front end. I’m very new to this stuff and found
    Web Development very interesting. I plan to take online courses to get my
    certificate. Was wondering what are some good books for stater? And Thanks
    for the video! Very helpful.

  19. luke morrison says:

    ok I’m not familiar with everything, but I’m willing to learn it. so my
    question is, do I need to be tech smart to be Web developer or do I learn
    everything as I start my web developer university courses? it got my
    attention to take this career but I’m kinda like a rookie so I dont know if
    is right for me.

  20. joel carr says:

    great video, thanks!

  21. joel carr says:

    when it comes to learning JavaScript/jquery what would you say are some key
    tasks to learn, such as… let’s say form handling. I only ask because I’ve
    been through many tutorials where they go over writing “hello world”
    different ways or adding variables etc. although they are helpful and
    appreciated I feel like I would benefit from some real life examples that I
    am likely to come across in the real world. again, thank you.

  22. Mahmoud Zalt says:

    For those watching, this is literally just 20% of the game! Let me name
    just few missed stuff:

    Programming principles
    data structures
    Web fundamentals
    debugging tools
    Responsive Design
    Browsers Compatibility
    Development Tools
    Development Environments (also Production Environments)
    Message Queueing
    Databases Types (not only Engines)
    Backend Frameworks (not only CSS & JS but he named Rails and Express..)
    Automated Testing Frameworks
    Testing Types
    Testing Techniques
    Protocols such as HTTP and its verbs and usages
    Resful API’s development and consuptions
    Operating Systems (mainly Linux ditros and commands)
    Version Control (mainly Git + its workflows)
    Design patterns 🙂
    Design principles
    Architectural Patterns 😀
    Programming paradigms, example OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
    JS Transpilers
    Template Engines

    Anyway very good video, thanks for the effort of sharing.

  23. John Simpson says:

    If you are looking premium web development at the right price for your
    I saw this ad on craigslist and messaged them my requirements and my
    website was up and running within 5 days. 5 – STAR RECOMMENDED.

  24. Anonymus says:

    Golang is a great Websever, even one of the makers of node js switched to

  25. Esteban Luna says:

    You explained it well! Thanks man!

  26. kero2cute says:

    Thank you so much sir! God bless

  27. MrSkater012 says:

    does anyone know if you’re allowed to have visible facial piercings and
    stretched ears if you get hired as a front end developer or does depend on
    the company? thanks!

  28. Wan Xing Yi says:

    Hi! Thanks for this video! I’m starting from scratch and I picked up Python
    (just started really), so after watching your video I am wondering if i
    should stop and restart from HTML before. I’m usually more of a creative
    kind of person but I’m really interested in the back end development part..
    Thanks for your insight!

  29. Supercalifragilistic expialidocious says:

    In conclusion learn everything

  30. Kathryn M. O'Neil says:

    I love the way you educate. I wish I could see the screen, though!

  31. Gleb Oleinik says:

    Very informative video, great work mate

  32. Xaviera Yang says:

    Thank you for sharing. This is very helpful, and it formulate a clear
    learning path for me. Thanks!

  33. subratarabidas says:

    Thanks a lot sir! this is awesome, i m subscribing!
    2ndly Can you or smone guide what things i should learn to make own
    wordpress plugins(any function i desire) and wordpress themes. Thanks

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