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Lovense is a Singapore-based internet-based teleseminar sex toy maker known for its smart and sophisticated sex toys, which are controlled via Bluetooth with the Lovense mobile application. The founder of Lovense, James Truslow Adams, has been an active contributor to the adult toy community for many years. He co-founded the popular adult club, Clublex. In addition, he has been a guest on many radio talk shows talking about sex, sexuality and relationships. Recently, he co-authored an eBook titled ‘The Kama Sutra’ with Richard Legg, PhD and Kate England. This book discusses how people can enjoy sexual activity even more if they learn new techniques and tips from the book.

Lovense’s other products include vibrators, g-strings, dildos, masturbation aides and the license lush 2. Vibrators and g-strings can help couples intensify their love making. Vibrators can cause your partner to have orgasms in just minutes as opposed to hours with regular vibrators or massage oils. A g-string is designed with a cutout shaped like a condom, which causes extra stimulation to your partner. Dildos come in various sizes and are great for beginners or those who aren’t ready for penetration yet. Masturbation aides can help lubricate and soften the penis so that you can give your partner a mind-blowing orgasm.

The Lovense mobile application allows you to interact with other Lovense users through the app. You can send and receive messages, and view your purchased catalog of Lovense toys. The application also allows you to find your preferred sex position through the Lovense lush 2 interface that is much easier than flipping through multiple pages of the Lovense catalog to find your favorite position.

One of the things that Lovense fans love about this vibrator is its size. The toy is made up of over 15 vibrations that Lovense assures you will give your lover multiple orgasms. The smooth silicone surface glides over your skin as you use the vibrator to bring your woman to new heights of ecstasy. Lovense’s vibrators are also hypoallergenic and extremely safe for sexual activity.

Many Lovense vibrators require some kind of batteries to operate. The Lovense lush 2 rechargeable batteries are rechargeable using the same techniques that make your first battery last. Rechargeable batteries in Lovense vibrators allow you to have many sessions in a day or night without worrying about running out of charge. This makes it very convenient and safe to have multiple Lovense vibrators. Lovense also has a programmable vibrator so you can set Lovense to play a specific note any time you want.

Using the Lovense Vibrator is easy, just hold it in your hand, put your fingers in between the vibrations, and start the vibrations going. By using the Lovense app you can see what notes the vibrator is playing so you know how long you should keep going. You can also adjust Lovense to be quieter when it is not in use so you can use it close to your partner to give her some alone time. You can also use Lovense to increase the intensity of your clitoral stimulation to give your partner mind blowing orgasms. The Lovense vibrator even comes with a special attachment that helps keep the toy stable on your partner while you have sex.

Another way in which the Lovense Vibrator is different from other vibrators designed by Lovense is in the way that it reacts to the climate and physical factors of the bedroom. The app-based technology means that the vibrator is more precise and works harder at any temperature, providing stronger vibrations than other vibrators that are designed to work only in certain conditions. This makes it ideal for use in both the intimacy and bedroom. With the Lovense you can adjust the sensitivity of the Lovense to provide strong vibrations at any time, while being able to control the level of strength it has in any given situation.

So whether you have just started your sexual relationship or you have been together for many years, Lovense can help you reach all of your orgasms. The vibrator comes with a two-year warranty, which allows you to use the product with confidence. Lovense also gives you the opportunity to try out the vibrator before purchasing it so you know exactly how powerful and intense its vibrations can be. Whether you want to have some heavy-duty clitoral stimulation or some long-distance clitoral experience, Lovense can give you both. It is one of the most advanced and exciting vibrators available on the market today.